The wild gaspesian outback is your host. Pierre D'Amours, a guide with 25 years of experience, has established his business on the Quebec shore of the prestigious Restigouche River, known around the world for its great salmon fishing and spectacular beauty. Mr. D'Amours offers professional services related to salmon fishing as well as deer, moose and waterfowl hunting.

    As a biologist with 10 years of experience, he has guided nature lovers and bird watchers on the International Appalachian Trail in this region's back country as well as snowmobilers during off-trail expeditions.

    Mr. D'Amours offers a professional service tailored to the needs of each client. His vast knowledge of the territory, its inhabitants, the rich local history, the plants and wildlife will make your stay with us an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

For reservations:

Pierre D'Amours
254, route 132
Matapedia, QC
G0J 1V0
Tel.: 418-788-5632
E-mail: pierredamours@pierredamours.com

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