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The Gaspé Coast is home to an abundant variety of plants and animals as well as crystal clear pristine rivers. This exceptional environment is conducive to observing animals and plants of all kinds. The serenity of these wide open spaces give visitors a sense of freedom to do an array of observation, learning and relaxation activities.

Animal Watching

Observing moose, deer, beavers, otters, bald eagles, Atlantic Salmon, whales (Minke whales) and seals in their natural habitat.

Available from June to October
$100 per person per day (minimum 2 persons)

River Discovery

Includes interpretation of the Native history (Micmac), of the prestigious fishing clubs, of the log drive and of the characteristics of wildlife encountered along the way.

In September, see the fall colours from the vantage point of a canoe.
From October 10 to 25, watch Atlantic Salmon spawn.

Price per person: between $50 and $100, depending on the river and the transportation method, by motorized or paddle canoe.

Snorkeling with wild Atlantic Salmon

Includes observation of salmon and other fish species, explanation of the salmon life cycle, river tour and observation of salmon pools. Availability from July to September Price per person: Between $75 and $150.00/day depending on the river and transportation.

Snowmobile and Sled Rides

Daily rate, per person: $150

Three days: price per person per day: $200

International Appalachian Trail

Transportation service for baggage between the different camps between Matapedia and Causapscal
Price varies according to locations

A deposit totaling half of the package fee with be required when making a reservation

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